Questions & Answers

What is Du Invest?

Du Invest is an online investment advisor brand powered by Mubasher Asset Management that aims to provide an efficient investment management platform. Our platform will allow investors from all income brackets to invest their savings efficiently.

How is Du Invest different from other traditional investment management firms?

Du Invest is Egypt’s first online investment management advisor that allows clients to invest seamlessly through an online platform. All securities chosen by Du Invest undergo a rigorous screening process in which our management team tailor portfolios and investment solutions with the goal of providing attractive investment returns. In addition, most traditional investment management firms focus on high-net worth clients with minimum investment 1mn EGP. And most importantly, we design unique products that fit all kinds of investors and with as low as 500ُEGP monthly saving plans to support your future income.

What are Du Invest’s products?

Du Invest aims to provide robust investment / wealth management solutions, such as;

  • Portfolio Management.
  • Saving plans (Retirement, Wedding, Child Education, etc.…)
  • Wealth planning.

Why wouldn't I buy the securities suggested by Du Invest Directly?

While you may be able to buy the securities suggested by Du Invest directly through your broker, you may not be able to get them all at the same time in a cost-effective and efficient manner. In addition, some brokers may require a high minimum investment to open an account. Du Invest also monitors and periodically rebalances your portfolio for no additional cost.More importantly, you may not be able to open an account in the same seamless manner as you do with Du Invest.

What is the minimum investment required to become a client of Du Invest?

A minimum investment of 500EGP is required for you to activate your account start investing with Du Invest.

What are the basic requirements to be eligible for opening an account with Du Invest?

Clients need to be able to provide a valid information (Name, Address, etc..), which is known as Know Your Client form and be at least 16 years of age. You also need a bank account to be able transfer funds in and out of your Invest account.

Is my personal information safe with Du Invest?

All your personal information is absolutely safe with us. We implement a variety of advanced data encryption measures to safeguard your data. We will never share your details with any third party without your consent. As your investment advisor, your trust is our most important asset. We use global standards encryption technology such as SSL.