Whenever you are Vito is attacking inside the The second world war, Joe first started helping new Clemente Offense Family

Whenever you are Vito is attacking inside the The second world war, Joe first started helping new Clemente Offense Family

Joe Barbaro is the additional protagonist out of Mafia II, the fresh new protagonist of Mafia II DLC Joe’s Adventures, and you may Vito Scaletta’s closest friend. Whenever Vito came back, Joe invites him to participate to your his life of crime.


Joe Barbaro are employment violent and you can lifelong pal of Vito Scaletta. Brash and you can unstable, Joe is relatively build difficulties out-of little. As the a child, Joe was the local bully. He found Vito in the event the young boy available to challenge him to have a put in his group. Over the next 10 years, the pair of them generated a good class, intellectual Vito remaining crazy Joe in balance as they enjoyed a beneficial longevity of petty offense. Nowadays, Joe existence higher – good alcohol, fast vehicles, and sagging female. Upgrading the fresh violent ladder is the ideal method for your to feed their habits.

Offering Clemente

Joe greets Vito abreast of their go back away from conflict and while this new a couple of catch-up during the Freddy’s Bar, Joe learns that he’s simply with the get off to own 30 days. Not wanting their pal to exit once more, he organizes forged discharge data due to his unlawful contacts to make sure Vito normally stay static in Kingdom Bay. A day later the guy becomes Vito paid that have an automobile and you will kissbrides.com press this site a tiny profit his wallet. Then brings up your in order to Henry Tomasino, a paid guy on the Clemente offense family, which has the benefit of Vito a job robbing fuel ration stamps throughout the Place of work out of Rates Administration.

Immediately after Vito’s victory, Joe will bring him from inside the to the a job robbing an accessories shop belonging to a guy just who owes Alberto Clemente money. The newest theft happens based on bundle till the O’Neill Gang is so you’re able to deprive the same shop. Immediately following a quick shootout into the gang after which police, the two manage to pull off the gems. Week after, Joe is at an ending up in Henry and you can Luca Gurino when Vito arrives. They mention possibilities to have signing up for the fresh new Clemente family following stand off having Henry so you can bundle their 2nd business, an ambush-design strike in order to kill Sidney Pencil and his men outside of his distillery inside Sand Island. When the package goes wrong, the latest threesome need to pursue him inside, ultimately cornering your for the higher flooring. Immediately following Pencil will get of a happy take to, injuring Henry, Joe and you can Vito weapon him down. Joe deal Henry out of the today consuming distillery and appears so you can your while Vito pushes them to an excellent mob doctor to have treatment.

Signing up for the fresh new Falcone Family members

Immediately following Vito’s stop, Joe is sent to obtain the witness whom squealed and you may persuade your never to attest. The guy music your to the place and convinces him not to return so you’re able to Empire Bay, however in the procedure learns regarding a whole lot larger rodent, Richie Mazzeo, who intends to testify resistant to the entire Clemente company. Joe will be bought to locate Mazzeo and you can shut him up for good.

Once discovering in which the police is actually remaining Mazzeo, Joe kills your, allegedly by the pushing your and his auto toward cold Culver reservoir, and you can thinks Vito will be in the newest clear. However, the his operate seem to be to possess absolutely nothing just like the his top buddy is actually sentenced so you can ten years in the prison 3 months later on from the his demonstration. An angry Joe rushes so you can Freddy’s pub in which he works his throat out-of on Luca Gurino, asking exactly what the heck taken place, hence angers Luca enormously. On the aftermath, Joe get a visit away from Henry, exactly who warns him one Luca has place a contract on your. Joe next makes Empire Bay and you can covers off southern for five age.