Why DU-Invest

Our goal is maximizing your wealth efficiently to suit your future needs


Our in-house investment professionals of more than 120 of combined experience have built a robust range of intelligent portfolios and can adjust them to your risk appetite and style.


Through our technological solutions, it’s easy to open or transfer with Du-Invest. Log in from any device and start with as little as 500EGP depending on the product, and give you the flexibility to change your investment style altogether.


At Du-Invest, we’ll keep you up to date on what exactly you’re invested in and how your investments are performing. But that’s not all. Our customer support will be on-hand to answer any questions you have.

Hybrid Solutions

We are not just robots. We combined technology with human touch to benefit from both; The ease of use of technology as well as the real humans that can advise and tailor investment solutions matching your situation for the sake of increasing your hard-earned wealth.

Du Invest Vs Other Saving Solutions

 Du InvestDo It Yourself (usually banks)Life insurance policies
Getting StartedOnline, easy, no need to go anywhereFace-to-face meetingFace-to-face meeting
InformationOnlineYou need to have the experience & do your research of what you invest inHeavy research on which institution to start with.
ReturnCurrently, fixed-income mutual funds' return is slightly higher than banks investment certificates (9%-11%)Currently from 6.50% to 10% depends on the bankfrom 8% to 10% on average
FlexibiltiyTotally flexibleEverytime or month, you should go to bankTypically, no flexibilty
Cancelation & PenaltiesNo penalties or exit fees, you can cancel anytimeTypically, you can't cancel bank investment certificates before 6 months.You would lose up to 70% of capital if you canceled before passing 3 to 5 years
Return at cancelationYou will have any return happened during the period, even it's ONE day (Return calculated daily)Typically, you face a penalty if you cancel an bank investment certficate before maturityYou would get no return if you canceled before passing 5 years
TransperancyVery transperent, you know everything about your invetment online & mobile appsIt depends on the type of investmentTypically, you don't know the status of your plan most of time & you should ask for them to be sent to you.