Return Assumptions

This goal calculator can help you see the effect of long term investing by showing you the different expected returns over several time periods for our different portfolios.

Du Invest makes various assumptions about expected rates of return:

The “Very Conservative Portfolio” assumes a rate of return of 10%

The “Conservative Portfolio” assumes a rate of return of 11%

The “Moderate Portfolio” assumes a rate of return of 14%

The “Moderately Aggressive Portfolio” assumes a rate of return of 16%

The “Aggressive Portfolio” assumes a rate of return of 20%

How Du Invest calculates expected returns

We use historical returns from January 2010 to April 2020 to calculate average expected annual returns. Our projections are based on historical economic data as well as the details of your plan, like your recurring contributions and portfolio type. This calculator only depicts expected performance of the different portfolios based on historical performance only. Projections include Du Invest wrap fees. Estimated balances are displayed in Egyptian Pounds.

Not nessarily to be a consistent annual return:

Portfolios involved in stock maret; Moderate, Moderately & Aggressive are not nessarily produce a consistent annual return. Some years could produce very high returns, for example 50% or 100% & some years could produce losses of 10%-20%. We calculate the average return per year. It is a long-term strategy. And our main role is to maximizing the return & reduce the loss could happen during any bearish year. Thus, if you are planning to play it short-term, stock maket may not be the best option for you.

Remember: Investing involves risk

As with any investment, a Du Invest puts your money at risk, as the value of your investment can go down as well as up. If you are unsure about whether investing is right for you, please seek expert financial advice. Actual portfolio performance may be better or worse than our predictions. In short, this means no outcome is guaranteed and we can’t guarantee you won’t lose money (including the money you start with).