Who We Are

Du Invest is region’s first retail-focused wealth management brand powered by Mubasher Asset Management that aims to provide an efficient investment management platform. Our platform will allow investors from all income brackets to invest their savings efficiently.

Mubasher Asset Management​

Established in 2013 subject to the provisions of the Capital Market Law No. 95 of 1992 and the executive regulations thereof, with permission No. 674 from the Financial Regulatory Authority, headquartered at 22 A Anwar Al Mufty Street, Tiba 2000 Administrative Building, Nasr City, Cairo

Mubasher Group in a Nutshell

2000 StockNet Misr Was Founded
2002 Launch Mubasher Data Screens
2004 Lauching Mubasher Info
2005 Launching Retail Brokerage in UAE
2007 Launching Brokerage in Bahrain
2009 Launching Mubasher Trade in Egypt
2013 Mubashert Asset Management
2013 Global Trading Network
2017 Mubasher Financial Services DIFC
2019 Mubasher Capital Holding, Egypt
2021 Launching DU

Launching StockNet MISR financial Portal

Lanuched in 2002 and now almost 75% market share of Price Screener Software accross the MENA region.

Became the #1 economic online hub for the in entire MENA region with approximate 10mn visits per month.

One of top 2 brokerage houses in UAE, and the first comany to introduce the online trading to the region.

Mubasher Bahrain is now the central hub for all global exchanges.

Became in top 5 brokerage houses in Egypt.

Now, Mubasher Asset Management is one of the top investment management houses in Egypt, manging investments to the top high-profile institutions.

Through Mubasher's Global Trading Network, clients now have the access to more than 70 stock exchanges accross the world under one account.

Based in Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), Mubasher provides exemplary financial services to professional clients.

A new chapter in Mubasher Egypt's history & expansion plans. 

A competely innovative solution for everything is needed for navigating the financial path. Du brand has many sub-brands; Du Invest, Du Trade, Du Learn, and more....

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